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Aruba Cloud Computing is the IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) system that lets you create and connect one or more virtual machines, using them and paying for them as if they were services.
Aruba Cloud Computing is a safe, fully scalable, fast solution that can be customized to suit your needs.

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1.5.1 Differences between Cloud Server Pro and Cloud Server Smart offers two different types of Cloud Servers: the Cloud Server Pro and the Cloud Server Smart service.

3.03 Hypervisor: differences between the systems offered

The Hypervisor is a virtual machine manager, so it is the main component of a system based on virtualizing resources.

4.06 Connecting to the Cloud Server via VMware vSphere Client

VMware vSphere Client is a piece of software that lets you manage your WMware Cloud Server directly from your desktop.

5.1 Connecting and using the Recovery Console

By using the Recovery Console you can manage your Cloud Servers using the graphical interface in the Control Panel.

7.1.1 Setting the time of a Scheduled Task

When you create a Scheduled Task (single or recurring) the system asks you to select a date and time.