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Changelog - Main Service

30/07/2016 - v - Production build

11/07/2016 - v - Production build

  • NEW - New available template: Windows 2012 R2 64bit - RDS (5/10/15/30 CAL)
  • FIX - Minor fixes.


Cloud Computing - 1.1 General description of the Cloud Computing service

Cloud Computing is all the technologies that enable a user to use resources (hardware, middleware, software), independently configurable (on-demand, self-service), it can be chosen, and then the service is paid for according to specific needs.

Private Cloud - 1.1 General description of the Private Cloud service

With the Private Cloud service you can buy a variable amount of computational resources (CPU, RAM and HD) and network resources (Virtual Lan and Public IPs), to use with the VMware vCloud Director software, allowing you to create and manage Virtual Servers and networks in your own infrastructure.

Cloud Backup - 1.1 General description of the Cloud Backup service

From the Backup Control Panel users can configure the Servers and schedule the backups, choosing which data (files, folders, file systems ...) to select, the data retention period and the schedule for performing the backups.

Object Storage - 1.1 General description of the Aruba Object Storage service

The Aruba Object Storage service is based on the IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) model and allows you to store and archive all the data that you want without capacity limitations in total safety. Object Storage is API S3 compatible and can be used through common connection clients.

Domain Center - 2.1 The Domain service

The Domain service allows you to register/transfer Domain Names through the Control Panel, using the credit of your Aruba Cloud account.
For each Domain that is registered/transferred it is possible to associate additional services (Automatic Renewal and Whois Privacy) and choose whether to use the Cloud DNS (DNS management service) or use custom ones.

Monitoring - 1.1 General description of the Aruba Cloud Monitoring service

The Monitoring service allows you to buy Plans and Checks with which to monitor your Servers (Cloud Servers, Dedicated Servers or other), Domains, DNS, data base and in general any element reached from the web through a public IP address/host.