1.2.1 Hypervisors

Hypervisors are software tools that allow you to create and manage Cloud Servers.  Each Hypervisor has its own characteristics and different hourly costs.
The Cloud service lets you create a Cloud Server with 3 different hypervisors: VMware vSphere 5, Microsoft Hyper-V and Microsoft Hyper-V in the Low Cost version.
The logical structure of the Hypervisor is closely linked to the templates available and the resource limits that you can set. Each hypervisor has a different list of templates available, and each template has a different set of limits that can be set for CPU, RAM and disk space.
You can get a list of available hypervisors and the templates associated with each hypervisor using the
GetHypervisors method.
By scrolling through the Template property of each Hypervisor object you can also see the list of OS/templates available for each specific hypervisor.

Here's an example of the GetHypervisors method.
//IWsEndUser.GetHypervisors Method Method (c# .NET)
private static void GetHpervisors(WsEndUserClient client)
    WsResultOfArrayOfHypervisor hypervisors = client.GetHypervisors();
    foreach (Hypervisor hypervisor in hypervisors.Value)
//IWsEndUser.GetHypervisors Method Method (JAVA)
private static void GetHpervisors(IWsEndUser client)
    WsResultOfArrayOfHypervisor result = client.getHypervisors();
    //retrieves the Hypervisors list from the resulting object
    List<Hypervisor> hypervisors = result.getValue().getHypervisor();
    for (Hypervisor hypervisor: hypervisors)

API: v2.8 URL: https://api.dc1.computing.cloud.it/WsEndUser/v2.8/WsEndUser.svc?wsdl
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API: v2.8 URL: https://api.dc1.computing.cloud.it/WsEndUser/v2.8/WsEndUser.svc?wsdl