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1 - Understanding the Domain and DNS Platform

The Domain Service Center allows you to purchase and manage the domain names and DNS zones.

Service Domains

There are two public API:
  • WsDomans: has methods for purchase and management of domain names
  • WsDns: has methods for purchase and management of DNS zones
A Cloud user with methods of WsDomains can:
  • Buy a second level domain names for the following extensions:
    • .com
    • .net
    • .org
    • .info
    • .biz
    • .name
  • The purchase is done by specifying the information about the domain owner and about the Namaserever. The system allows you to specify nameserver of host name belong to another domain name than the one purchased or nameserver with the same domain name (glue records). In this case you must specify the values of the nameserver IPs.
  • Transfer Domain names within the domain of Cloud Center.
  • View the details of the domain owner (Data Holder, AuthCode, Block Transfer status, Whois Privacy activation status, status of the subscription, Nameservers).
  • Change the domain owner data.
  • Set the lock status of a domain: disable the transfer and modification of contact data.
  • Change authorization code (AuthCode).
  • Request of additional services: self-renewal, Whois privacy even after the purcha or domain transfer. All domains are automatically renewed at expiration date. At the creation or transfer but after the Cloud domain activation, a user can ask not to proceed with automatic renewal.
  • View the complete list of domain name services purchased.
  • Display the list of operations made one the domains (logs) with its result.
  • Make of operations Whois.
  • View the cost of purchased services.

Dns Service

A Cloud user with methods of WsDns can:
  • Enable DNS zones with second level default extension.
    • The purchase of a zone (generally with format nomezona.tld) provides three hosts listed in the NS records:
    • Precompile appropriately SOA and NS records.
    • Delete a purchased zone.
    • Display list of purchased zone.
    • Display the costs of active zones.
    • Display list of operations on the zone and its result.
    • Customize the zone records:
      • Is allowed the management (add, delete, modify) of the following records:
        • SOA
    • It's possibile to disable and enable a zone:
      • When a zone is disabled, records are stored by the system for a recovery. A records are replaced so it's possible to display a welcome page.