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4.1 App Cloud Computing for BlackBerry 10

scan the QR Code using your device to download the App
With Aruba Cloud Computing for BlackBerry you can manage the Aruba Cloud service even through your smartphone/tablet. Download the APP to manage the service from this link.

The application allows you to view the features of the virtual data centers, perform operations on the Cloud Servers and top-up your credit directly from your smartphone/tablet, paying by PayPal or Credit Card.
  • Access with Account and Password;
  • See information on the FTP status in the Dashboard;
  • List of active Cloud Servers and configuration details;
  • Details of the costs and estimates for each Cloud Server;
  • See credit balance;
  • Top-up your credit;
  • Option to switch the Cloud Server on and off;
  • Export disks;
  • See the Public IPs associated with a network interface;
  • Possibility to "ping" a public IP address;
  • Supported languages: Italian, English, French, German, Spanish, Czech;

New features of version 3.1.3:

  • Save Password;
  • Create and edit Servers;
  • Create and edit Virtual Switches;
  • Create and edit public IPs;
  • See Logs and operations in progress;
  • See Cloud Monitoring probes;
  • New supported languages: Polish, Hungarian, Slovakian;

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