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4.3 Job: definition, features and actions


The Job represents the backup scheduled on a specific Server, configured from the Backup Control Panel. The Jobs are displayed in details page of each Server,

in the "Computers" section.


Each Job features the following parameters:
  • Name - the name you assign to the Job;
  • Job Type - the Job type which can be either;
    • Local System (for Linux and Windows Servers);
    • NFS Files (for Linux Servers) - UNC Files (for Windows Servers)
  • Description - a description of the Job;
  • Last Backup Status - the status of the last backup (if performed);
  • Last Run - date and time of the last backup performed;


For each Job associated with a Server you can perform any of the actions listed in the "Action" menu.

  • Edit Job
  • View / Add Schedule
  • Run Job
  • Restore the backup performed by the Job
  • Synchronize the contents
  • View History / Logs
  • Delete Job