4.3.4 Scheduling

Backup scheduling involves the planning of the time and frequency of the backups. Each schedule includes the following parameters:
  • Retention: the retention period of the stored data;
  • Schedule: the time and frequency of the backups;
  • Compression: the type of compression (Better, Maximum, Minimum, None, Normal);
  • Deferring: the maximum amount of time in which the backup needs to be completed: if set to "none", the  backup will proceed until completion without any interruption, if the programmed time is exceeded, the backup will be suspended and resumed on the next scheduled backup;
  • Enable: enable or disable the schedule;
  • Priority: indicates the order of priority you wish to assign, in cases of multiple schedules associated with a  Job;
To view the schedule of a Job proceed as follows:
  • From the "Select Action" list, found to the right of the Job, select the "View / Add Schedule" option.

  • The "View / Add Schedule" window will open.

  • A list of the schedules related to the Job will be displayed.
  • The schedule can be configured by selecting the days (weekly and monthly) and the time, by clicking on the "Schedule" column.

    (in the example above we have set the schedule to 12:00 A.M. of each Sunday, Wednesday, Friday and  Saturday)
  • Make the changes to the schedule settings and confirm using the "Save" button.
To create a new schedule use the "Add Schedule" button,

and to deleted an existing schedule use the "Delete Schedule" icon.