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5.2 Create a Bare Metal Restore Job

To create a Job (Bare Metal Restore) proceed as follows:
  • Go to the Control Panel.
  • Select the "Computers" section.

  • Click the Server to add the Job (Bare Metal Restore).
  • A page like the following will open.

  • From "Select Job Task", on the right, select "Create New Local System Job".

  • The "Create New Job" window will open.

  • Under "Encryption Settings" select "None".
     ATTENTION: should you choose to use the encrypted service, for the backup encryption passwords we suggest you only use alphanumeric characters and the following special characters  !&%/=?^#_-.,;:<>@
  • Enter the name, and a description.
  • Under "Select files and Folders for Backup" select the "Bare Metal Restore" option,

  • and confirm by clicking "Include".
  • In the "Backup Set" section on the right you will see "Bare Metal Restore" displayed.

    • If you wish to delete it use the "Delete" icon.
  • Now the Job is ready to be saved.

  • Click "Create Job" to complete the operation.
  • The "View / Add Schedule" window will open asking you to save the schedule settings. You can confirm the default settings or change them.

After creating the Job (Bare Metal Restore) it can be used by the system, based on the schedule settings.