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5.5.2 Perform a Bare Metal Restore on a VMware Cloud Server

Perform a Bare Metal Restore on a VMware Cloud Server

  • Download the provided System-Restore.iso.
  • Upload the disk image on the virtual disk of the Cloud Server.
  • Make a VPN connection with FortiClient SSLVPN.
  • Connect to the Cloud Server via VMware vSphere Client.
  • You will reach a page like the following.

  • Select the "Virtual Machines" tab, then select the Cloud Server and right-click on the "Open Console" option,

  • a window like the following will open.

  • Open the Control Panel and reboot the Cloud Server, click in the new window and once the window changes size press "Esc".
  • You will then reach the "Boot Menu",

  • by using the keyboard arrows, move to the "CD-ROM Drive" option and press "Enter".

  • When reaching the "EVault System Restore" page you will need to configure the time and language of the keyboard,

  • by clicking on "Next >" a page will open asking you to accept the licence agreement. Accept and click "Next >".

  • Select the first option "Restore My System",

  • confirm by clicking "Next >".

  • Click on "Restore Settings" at the bottom.

  • Select the Cloud Server connected to the public network,

  • and press "Properties".

  • Select "Use the following IP Address" and enter the values of the Cloud Server. Confirm by clicking "Apply".

  • Once you are back on this page, enter the values of the "Vault" field (see guide). Confirm by clicking "Next >".

  • Select the Cloud Server on which you wish to restore the Bare Metal. Confirm by clicking  "Next >".

  • Select the "BareMetal" Job name. Confirm by clicking "Next >".

  • Select the date of the Bare Metal you wish to restore. Confirm by clicking "Next >".

  • Drag the volumes from the source system (backup) to the destination system (Cloud Server).

  • By leaving a source volume on a destination volume you will need to select the recovery mode: select "Format".

  • After completing the configuration, confirm by clicking "Next >".

  • Confirm the process by clicking "Click here to confirm the restore plan" found at the bottom and click "Next >".

  • Now the recovery process will begin.

  • Once completed confirm by clicking "Next >".

  • Click "Next >".

  • Click "Next >".

  • Wait for the system to find the matching hardware between the Bare Metal and the  destination Cloud Server.

  • Click "Close" to complete the Bare Metal recovery process.
After completing the Bare Metal recovery process reboot the Cloud Server.