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2.2 Consumption of the Backup Account credit

The consumption of the Cloud Backup service is calculated on 4 resources:
  • Disk space (calculated in GB or TB)
  • Incoming traffic (calculated in GB or TB)
  • Outgoing traffic (calculated in GB or TB)
  • Backup Agents (calculated in number of Agents)
Users can select which rate plan to use based on their needs. There are two types of rate plans:
  • Usage-based rate (fixed cost of the resources)
  • Package rates (total cost for a set of resources to use within 30 days)
The amount of incoming and outgoing traffic is free regardless of which rate plan you select. Here below are the different rate plans and relevant costs.
Rate plan Disk space Agents Cost
Cloud Backup pay as you go for each 10 GB 5.000 1,50 Euro/month
Cloud Backup 50 50 GB 50 6,99 Euro/month
Cloud Backup 100 100 GB 100 12,99 Euro/month
Cloud Backup 250 250 GB 250 28,99 Euro/month
Cloud Backup 500 500 GB 500 52,99 Euro/month
Cloud Backup 1000 1.000 GB 1.000 99,99 Euro/month
Cloud Backup 2500 2.500 GB 2.500 224,99 Euro/month
Cloud Backup 5000 5.000 GB 5.000 399,99 Euro/month
Cloud Backup 10000 10.000 GB 10.000 799,99 Euro/month
Cloud Backup 15000 15.000 GB 15.000 1.199,99 Euro/month
Cloud Backup 20000 20.000 GB 20.000 1.599,99 Euro/month
Cloud Backup 30000 30.000 GB 30.000 2.399,99 Euro/month
Cloud Backup 40000 40.000 GB 40.000 3.199,99 Euro/month
Cloud Backup 50000 50.000 GB 50.000 3.999,99 Euro/month

The choice of the rate plan depends on what kind of use you will make of the Cloud Backup service. For small  backups we recommend the usage-based rate, whereas for frequent use with large backups we recommend one of the package rates. The rate plan can be changed at any time. Each Backup Account you create can be associated with a different rate plan.
ATTENZION: In case of cancellation of a Backup Account that is associated with a package rate, the amount charged in advance, for that specific rate plan, will be lost.