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2.4 What happens when the credit runs out

When the credit runs out, all pay-per-use Backup accounts available to the user are disabled (they change to DISABLED status) and cannot be reactivated without a credit top-up of at least 1,00 Euro+VAT or of the amount required to reactivate the Backup accounts.

If the customer runs out of credit, the package Backup accounts will continue to be active until the natural expiry date of 30 days paid in advance, after which they will change to DISABLED status.

Whether it is a pay-per-use Backup account or a package Backup account, once seventeen days have elapsed since the deactivation, if the TOP-UP amount is INSUFFICIENT and the DISABLED Backup accounts have not been REACTIVATED, the accounts will be permanently CANCELLED with the consequent loss of all data stored on the disk space of all Backup accounts.
 PLEASE NOTE: This process is irreversible after which it will no longer be possible to recuperate the backups.