COMPUTING > Cloud Servers > 4 - Access to Cloud Servers > Resetting the access password on a Cloud Server with a CentOS operating system

4.6.2 Resetting the access password on a Cloud Server with a CentOS operating system

To reset the password in the case of Cloud Servers with a Centos operating system you need to access the Cloud Server via the Recovery Console and at the same time keep the Visual Cloud application open and follow the instructions as below.
  1. Turning off the Cloud Server from Visual Cloud.
  2. Having accessed the recovery console, start the Cloud Server with Visual Cloud.
  3. In the console window you will see the turn-on phase of the Cloud Server with a message for the "grub-boot" as in the image below for a period of approximately 3 seconds.

    Before the countdown ends press any key to access the boot editing mode.
  4. Select the operating system using the arrows and press "e" to edit the related boot.

  5. When opening the boot files, navigate with the arrows to the kernel uploading line (usually starts with the word "kernel") and press "e" again to edit its content.

  6. At the bottom of the line add init 1 and confirm by hitting enter.

  7. When you go back to the previous screen press "b" to redo the boot in "single user" mode.
  8. The Cloud Server will restart and after a few seconds you can enter new commands after the # symbol.
  9. Type the command passwd and hit enter.
  10. Type the new password "root" and hit enter.
  11. Confirm the new password and hit enter.
  12. A questo punto la nuova password per l'utente "root" è stata configurata con successo e sarà possibile usarla al prossimo riavvio per accedere al Cloud Server (per il riavvio digitare reboot or force the Reset from the control panel).