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3.1.1 Create and configure a Cloud Server VPS Cloud Server Smart service guide

When creating a Cloud Server VPS you need to select: You get different amounts of resources (vCPU/RAM/HD/Bandwidth) with each package, there are four different configurations to choose from.
Package vCPU RAM Hard Disk (SSD) Bandwidth IN/OUT
Small 1 1 GB 20 GB 2 TB/month
Medium 1 2 GB 40 GB 5 TB/month
Large 2 4 GB 80 GB 12 TB/month
Extra Large 4 8 GB 160 GB 25 TB/month
the Cloud Server VPS service does NOT allow the downgrade of the configured resources. In case of upgrade, we remind you that the initial disk space will remain the same and space will be added for the Cloud Server VPS. Said space follows the rules of the guides on "Partitioning and formatting an added hard drive" (Windows / Linux / Linux Debian).