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7.5 Recurring scheduled tasks

In the "Add Scheduled Task" window which appears when creating a Scheduled Task (or when editing it), you will find the "Recurring task" box which allows you to transform the task from a single task to a recurring one.

By selecting this box the modal window will display an additional part, through which you can select the frequency with which to run the task. The total frequency period of the task goes from the "Start Date" to the "End Date".

It is possible to choose from 5 different types of frequencies:
  • Hourly - The selected task will be repeated every number of hours that you indicate.
    for example:
    if you set an interval of 2 hours starting from 12:00 the task will run at 16:00, at 18:00, at 20:00, etc... up to the time indicated in the "End Date" field.
  • Daily - The selected task will be repeated every day at the time indicated in the "Start Date".
  • Weekly - The system will list the days of the week you can run the task on.
    for example:
    if you select Thursday and Saturday, the task will run at the specified time every Thursday and Saturday up to the specified "End Date").
  • Monthly - You will find all the days of the month you can run the task on. The 29th, 30th and 31st will only be considered if the month includes them.
  • Monthly 2 - Here you can decide if you wish to repeat the task on the first or last day of the month.
If you do not specify an "End Date" for a recurring Scheduled Task, the system will automatically schedule the task forever.
The Control Panel displays the scheduled tasks which have not run yet up to 12 months from the viewing date (both in the calendar view and list view).
We remind you that the dates you enter in the "Start Date" and "End Date" fields indicate the period in which you wish to run a specific recurring Scheduled Task. Therefore if for example you wish to switch off a Cloud Server at the weekend in the next 5 months, you will need to create 2 recurring scheduled tasks: one to switch it off on the Friday night, and one to switch it on on the Monday morning. See the recurring Scheduled Tasks User guide.