Adding a hard disk Cloud Server Pro service guide

You can add hard drives at any time and for any reason (up to a maximum of 3). The storage provided is allocated on a high performance SAN (double controllers and disks in RAID configuration) and automatic data replication systems are in operation. These features guarantee high quality services and security.
Each hard drive added can be configured with the desired size with minimum increases of 10 GB, up to a maximum of 500 GB. In any case, hard drives activated after the first one are provided as RAW, i.e. they have to be formatted in order to be able to become operational. This operation can be performed without shutting down the Cloud Server.

Increasing the number of disks can be used for configuring a Cloud Server for Storage, or simply to maintain backups of your websites or Databases.
Remember that when you choose to reduce the number of disks, the data contained in the removed disks will be lost.
 The operations described are examples: the improper use or use without due care and skill, can cause the partial and total loss of data, and in some cases may jeopardize the correct operation of the virtual server. Using this guide without the appropriate skills is not recommended. Aruba S.p.A. does not accept any responsibility for any problems or damage caused by using these guides