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3.02 Choosing a Name and Password

The first operation for configuring your Cloud Server is choosing a name for your machine: each and every Cloud Server is identified by a Name and a Password.

Within the same network Cloud Servers by the same name cannot coexist.
The name chosen serves to identify the individual Cloud Server in the control panel, in reality the name actually allocated to the Cloud Server is generated by a set of rules which also take the name chosen into account and create a name type: DC1_AWI-12345_name_2201 (where DC1 identifies the datacenter, AWI-12345 is the login, name corresponds to the name chosen and 2201 is an assigned serial number).
The name can be changed after successfully activating the Cloud Server from the panel "Manage - Manage your services". The renaming operation can be carried out on Cloud Servers turned on, off and archived.

The password must be comprise at least 7 characters and must contain upper-case letters (A-Z), lower-case letters (a-z) and numbers (0-9). The password cannot be changed.
It is recommended that you save a copy of the names and passwords in a safe place.

In case of templates on Linux OS you can add an SSH Key.
N.B. there is no way of retrieving and/or changing the access password for your virtual machines: it is therefore advisable to keep your password so that it can be recovered it in the event of loss.