3.2.6 Choosing a Name and Password

Each individual Cloud Server is identified by a "Name" and a "Password".


There cannot be more than one Cloud Server with the same name within the same network. The name chosen by the user is used to identify each Cloud Server in the Control Panel.
In fact, within Aruba Cloud the name actually assigned to the Cloud Server is generated by a set of rules that also take into account the name chosen by the user, creating a name in the format: DC1_AWI-12345_name_2201 (where DC1 is the data center identifier, AWI-12345 is the username, name corresponds to the name chosen by the user and 2201 is an assigned serial number).
The name can be changed once the Cloud Server has been activated, whether it is switched on, off or archived.
  • Go to the Control Panel;
  • Select "COMPUTING" from the menu;
  • Select the Data Center;
  • Select the "Manage" option in the "CLOUD SERVER" section from the menu on the left;
  • You will reach the "Manage Cloud Computing" section where all the Cloud Servers are listed;
  • Select the Cloud Server Pro you wish to rename and click on "MANAGE";
  • Open the technical specifications of the Cloud Server, make sure it is switched off;
    • If it is switched on then switch it off;
  • In the "SERVER ACTIONS" section click on "EDIT NAME";
  • The "Edit Name" page will open where you can enter the name of the Cloud Server and confirm it.
This changes only the name of the Cloud Server that is displayed in the Control Panel. To edit the host name of the Cloud Server access the operating system of your Cloud Server and change it manually.


You cannot recover or change the passwords for your virtual machines: we therefore recommend keeping a copy of your password so that you can recover it if you forget it.

Password criteria:
  • between 7 and 20 characters;
  • at least one upper case letter (A-Z);
  • at least one lower case letter (a-z);
  • at least one number (0-9);
  • no spaces;
  • no symbols and special characters.
If you have a Linux-based template, you can add an SSH key.