Hypervisor: advantages of the Tools

Aruba Cloud Computing provides its own virtual machines with the Tools already installed and activated.
As we have said the Tools made available by the Hypervisor, can be a valuable tool for managing your own virtual machine. We must add that in the Tools installed in virtual machines are fundamental components for the correct performance of the specific Cloud Server such as drivers optimised for different devices installed on the actual server.
Removing or uninstalling the Tools can affect the smooth functioning of the virtual machine or some devices of the actual machine. The Tools also offer greater speed and ease in the management of virtual devices.
For this reason, it is important to keep the Tools updated with the latest version available: among the various features offered there is usually still the option of performing "automatic upgrades".

VMware Tools
For the installation (if they have been inadvertently removed):
  1. Turn on the virtual machine and access it from the restore Console by means of vSphere
  2. In the section "Status" of the virtual machine select "Summary" and then select "Install VMwareTools"
  3. Choose the option "Upgrade VMware Tools automatically" (recommended) for automatically updating the Tools every time the virtual machine is restarted
  4. Then click "Install" to start the installation: vSphere will install the Tools and at the end of the process you will need to restart the machine to make the Tools operational
Hyper-V Integration Services
In the case of a Windows and Linux operating systems the tools are pre-installed and cannot be uninstalled.
 The operations described are examples: the improper use or use without due care and skill, can cause the partial and total loss of data, and in some cases may jeopardize the correct operation of the virtual server. Using this guide without the appropriate skills is not recommended. Aruba S.p.A. does not accept any responsibility for any problems or damage caused by using these guides