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3.08.1 Partitioning and formatting an added hard drive (Windows) Cloud Server Pro service guide

To format an additional hard drive to a virtual machine with a Windows Operating System, proceed as indicated below:
  1. Access the Cloud Server via RDP.
  2. To access Disk Management go to "Start", then click with the right mouse button on "Computer" ("My Computer" in Windows 2003) and select "Manage".
  3. Select "Disk Management" under "Storage" in the left column.
  4. Right click on the mouse button on the icon of the disk you just added and select "Online" (fig.1).
  5. Right click on the mouse button again on the same icon and select "Inizialize disk" (fig.2).
  6. Right click on the mouse button on the "unallocated" disk space and select for example "New Simple Volume" by following the steps indicated (choice of the size of the partition and letter allocation, file system type) (fig.3).
  7. Once this procedure is complete, the disk will be partitioned and ready for formatting (fig.4).




Repeat the procedure from step 5 if you want to create several partitions in the same hard disk.

 The operations described have an exclusively exemplary nature: the improper use or use without due care and skill, can cause the partial and/or total loss of data, and in some cases may disrupt the correct operation of the virtual machine. Using this guide without the appropriate skills is not recommended. Aruba S.p.A. does not accept any responsibility for any problems or damage caused by using these guides.