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3.3 Upgrade/downgrade resources for your Cloud Server Pro Cloud Server Pro service guide

To upgrade/downgrade resources associated with your Cloud Server Pro, follow these steps:
  • Go to the technical specifications for the Cloud Server Pro.
  • If the Cloud Server Pro is on, turn the Cloud Server Pro off.
  • Remove the Snapshot if there is one.
  • Select "Upgrade Server" under the name of the Cloud Server Pro.
  • Choose the new values for the resources you want to be associated with the Cloud Server Pro.
    • If you choose to reduce the number of hard disks, the data contained on the hard disks removed will be lost.
    • It is not possible to reduce the size of a hard disk after creating the Cloud Server Pro.
  • Save your preferences by clicking on "UPGRADE SERVER" and confirm.

During the upgrade process, you can select the "Start Cloud Server after saving" option, to speed up the start-up of the Cloud Server Pro after the changes have been made.
The procedure for upgrading the resources for a Cloud Server Pro when paying monthly (30 days) or annually is described above.

The cost of the upgrade will be calculated as indicated in the specific guide.
If you downgrade your Cloud Server Pro service with monthly (30 days) or annual billing, the downgrade is not immediate. The changes to the resources will be scheduled and implemented when the service is next renewed, and the prices will be recalculated on the basis of the resources configured.
When renewing the service, in order to implement the changes made (downgrade) for your Cloud Server Pro, there will be a short downtime of a few minutes.