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The Cloud Server VPS service does NOT allow the downgrade of the configured resources.

In the event of an upgrade:
  • As Cloud Server VPS charges are paid monthly in advance, we recommend upgrading towards the end of the month, to avoid losing the amount already paid for the old plan: the monthly cost of the new plan will be charged immediately on the upgrade of the service;
  • the initial disk space will remain unchanged and will be added to the space of your Cloud Server VPS: the conditions of this space are those set out in the guides (Windows / Linux / Linux Debian).
To upgrade the resources of your Cloud Server VPS proceed as follows:
  • Sign in to the Control Panel and go to the Cloud Server VPS details page.
  • Switch the Cloud Server VPS off, if it is switched on.
  • Remove any Snapshots.
  • Select the "Server Upgrade" tab under the Cloud Server VPS name.
  • Select the new plan.
  • Confirm by clicking "UPGRADE SERVER".

During the upgrade process you can select the "Start Cloud Server after saving" option to speed up the restart of the Cloud Server VPS after the changes have been made.