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16.05 Database Server

A Database Server is a Cloud Server in which a database management system has already been installed. As in the case of the Web Server, even for the Database Servers the offer is divided for Linux and Windows systems.


On the Linux system MySQL is installed and configured as a database manager. The server is also equipped with all the Tools necessary for managing the Database also via browsers such as PhpMyAdmin and Webmin.
The Linux Server Databases offered by Aruba Cloud are:


MsSQL is the ideal solution for developing Web and non-Web applications, with architectures from the simplest to the most complex; it enables archiving and management of a large amount of data and users, as well as also managing to satisfy access volumes in a high performance way. Of course, the main selling point is the perfect integration with all systems, languages, and tools available from Microsoft for developers. MsSQL is available on Aruba Cloud on the VMware Hypervisor, and when creating your own Cloud Server Database it is advisable to configure a virtual machine with high performance, especially in terms of vCPU and/or RAM, all the more so if it is required to perform several concurrent requests. Remember that the calculation of the cost of the MsSQL license differs from all the other resources, in that it is priced with a calendar monthly cost.