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16.02 Firewall \ Load Balancer

The Firewall is a network tool (hardware and/or software) that filters any packages that pass to a network or a computer, and only allows them to get through if the packages fulfil all the previously configured security criteria.
The server firewall is a simple Cloud Server on which suitable software is installed that, when properly configured, is able to guarantee maximum security. Setting up a Cloud Server private network and making sure that the Firewall is the only Cloud Server connected to the Internet network, ensures the security of the entire private network. Protecting your private network from any threats from the Web ensures secure and controlled access to the resources within your network.

Aruba Cloud Computing offers two Templates with Unix (Linux or FreeBSD) operating system purposely designed for this use: Endian or pfSense. If you would like a Cloud Server Firewall, you need to opt for the VMware Hypervisor as both solutions require such environment.

The Cloud Server Firewalls of Aruba Cloud also have a balancing function (load balancing).

Aruba Cloud also offers its customer a load balancer service.