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16.02.1 Protecting the structure and providing a firewall Cloud Server Pro service guide

A very, very important, if not decisive, aspect for any web-based architecture is ensuring the security of your data and therefore of your Cloud Servers by protecting them from malicious access and any intrusion attempts.
Regardless of how complex the structure that you want to create is, it is always advisable to insert a Cloud Server Firewall between the connection to the Internet and the structure that you want to protect.

For optimal protection of the structure, the Firewall Server needs to be connected to the Virtual Switches and be the only Server with access to the Internet, so that the Firewall is the only link point between the Cloud Servers and the Internet and therefore can filter all the traffic based on the rules that are set.
It’s possible to use the Cloud Server Firewall both as a firewall interface and as a simple Cloud Server. However we highly advise you do not: by logging in as a root user (and not that of the firewall management) and changing any of the Cloud Server parameters you may cause it to be unusable.

For the security of your structure Aruba Cloud Computing offers Cloud Server Firewalls based on:
 The operations described have an exclusively exemplary nature: the improper use or use without due care and skill, can cause the partial and/or total loss of data, and in some cases may disrupt the correct operation of the virtual machine. Using this guide without the appropriate skills is not recommended. Aruba S.p.A. does not accept any responsibility for any problems or damage caused by using these guides.
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