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16.09 Setting up Business Continuity systems

The Business Continuity Plan (BCP) is the document that contains the information and actions taken in the event of a destructive or harmful incident. The more detailed a BCP is, the fewer breakdown problems could be caused to the company, due either to internal or external causes. The BCP is therefore focused on business processes, on the possible causes that could lead to a reduction in the company's operations and their solution.

On Aruba Cloud Computing the continuity of the service offered is guaranteed by a completely redundant and synchronously replicated Cloud environment. The continuity of your business is therefore already guaranteed, in the case of failure of one or more hardware nodes of the Aruba Cloud Computing infrastructure, and already included in the cost.  The Aruba Cloud Computing offer is also full of tools such as balancers (load balancing) or backup server, which will allow you to ensure the continuity of your business even in the case where a problem occurs on one or more Cloud Servers activated by you.
Aruba Cloud Computing then offers you the ultimate in terms of reliability and continuity of the service with minimum costs. A further possibility offered by Aruba Cloud Computing to ensure Business Continuity, is to activate your infrastructure on multiple Datacenters in different locations, located in Italy and Europe, so as to be still active even in the case of a failure of an entire Datacenter.