COMPUTING > Hybrid Link > Hybrid Link service > Create a Hybrid Link

1.2 Create a Hybrid Link

To create a link, the user must have at least two active services (resources) from those required (see the guide).

Create a Hybrid Link as follows:
  • connect to the Control Panel;
  • select "COMPUTING" from the horizontal menu;
  • select the Data Center;
  • select "Manage" from the left menu, under "HYBRID LINK";
  • in the "Manage Hybrid Link" section, click on "ADD NEW HYBRID LINK";
  • this takes you to the "Create Hybrid Link"section.
The service being created requires a name. This field is mandatory.
The name can be changed once the service has been created.
The resources which you want to connect and the type of hybrid network you want to create must be selected.

Once the type of service has been selected, a list of active services will be displayed, both for the source resource (service on the left) and for the target resource (service on the right).
Please see the guide for details of possible combinations.

Once the services have been selected, you will be able to select which type of hybrid network to use. There are a number of options (see the guide) depending on each situation.

When configuration is complete, the monthly cost for the service with be displayed at the bottom of the screen, along with the "CREATE HYBRID LINK" button to confirm the operation.

While the service is being created, the service status displayed in the list in the "Manage Hybrid Link" section will show "Creating".
Requests to create Hybrid Link services will be processed within 48 hours during office hours (8:30/18:30), Monday to Friday.

Confirmation of the creation of the service will be confirmed in the status message which will change from "Creating" to "Connected".