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12.2 Installing a Plesk license

To install the license of the previously purchased and downloaded Plesk panel, or to replace the license you are using in your panel with a new one, proceed as follows:
  1. Connect to the address of your Cloud Server on which the Plesk panel is installed, by opening a browser window and typing in the address https://[IP-Cloud-Server]:8443  (e.g.
  2. If you don’t have a valid certificate and the browser warns you of the problem, proceed in any case in opening the login page and enter your Plesk panel login details. If the Plesk panel has been installed via an OS/Template provided by Aruba Cloud Computing the admin user will have "admin" for the username and the password chosen when creating the Cloud Server. If the Plesk panel has been installed manually in your Cloud Server with customised OS/Template, enter "admin" as the Username and the password that you chose  when installing the Plesk panel.
  3. After your first log in, you will see the "License Management" page where you will need to install the license. Alternatively you can reach the page from "Server Management" --> "Tools & Settings" --> "Panel" --> "License Management".
  4. Then click on "Upload Key" to proceed with the installation.

  5. Click on "Browse…" and indicate where the file of the purchased and previously downloaded license is found. Select "Replace the currently installed license key with the select one" and proceed by clicking on "OK".

  6. The license has now been installed and is functional as indicated in the message.