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12.1 Purchasing a Plesk license

The Plesk panel is a useful and simple tool, which allows the complete management and monitoring of the Cloud Server on which it is installed, as well as all the websites, services and applications that you wish to install and use.
The Plesk panel represents a simple, fast, safe and cheap solution for those who wish to work with  hosting reselling and provide services related to domain and website management: it is possible to manage all the domains and customers that you wish through the simple interface of the Plesk panel, as well as provide preconfigured services such as Mail Server, FTP Server, web statistics, site builder.
Your customers can become resellers of your services, monitoring and managing generated  traffic, setting space and use restrictions for the final user.
The Plesk panel can be customised with your company logo and you can set a different design for each type of user, and at the same time you can configure a different language for each user and/or customer.

Aruba Cloud Computing provides its customers with OS/Templates with the 10.4.4 version of the Plesk panel already installed and configured both on Windows and Linux: If you don’t wish to use one of the preconfigured OS/Templates, it is possible to install the Plesk panel on your Windows or Linux Cloud Server and upload a purchased license.

To purchase a license for the Plesk panel log into the Aruba Cloud Computing control panel using your login details and then, after selecting the Datacenter you wish to manage,
click on the "CLOUD Computing" tab at the top

and select the "Plesk Licenses" option under "Licenses" in the left menu.

In the "Plesk Licenses" page click on "Add New Plesk License".

In the "Type of Licenses" section make sure you select the right license for the right Operating System of your Cloud Server and at the same time indicate the type of license be it "10 Domains" or "Unlimited domains". The two types of licenses do not differ in functionality but only for the maximum number of domains you can manage.
Aruba Cloud Computing provides a free "10 Domains" Plesk license for each Cloud Server Pro you create. You will be charged the cost for each Plesk license, which exceeds the number of owned Cloud Servers Pro.

It is possible to customise your license by adding or not modules to the license.

By clicking on "Purchase license" and confirming the purchase you will be redirected to the "Plesk Licenses" where it is possible to see all the active licenses and ones under creation for your account. Once the purchase of the license has been confirmed, it may take a few hours to activate the license: this is because each license needs to be checked and activated by the Aruba Cloud Computing staff.
Requests for license activation will be processed during office hours (8:30/18:30) from Monday to Friday.

Only once the license has been activated, can the .zip file of the license required for installing the license itself in the Plesk panel of your Cloud Server be downloaded.
To download the .zip file of the license simply click on "Details".

of the active license; therefore in the license details page you can download and save the .zip file of the Plesk license on your client,

by clicking on "Download".

The Plesk panel is provided with a trial license valid for 14 days and it is possible to log in and perform operations even without installing the purchased license: however we recommend that you install the purchased and active license before you perform any operation in the Plesk panel and before the trial license expires.

The cost of the Plesk License is charged on a monthly basis and is calculated over 30 days starting from the activation date. The first charge will be made only upon activation of the license.