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12.1.1 Selecting the additional Modules

When you are creating a license for the Plesk panel it is possible to add some modules to the license itself. Once the license has been activated and installed like so, the panel will include the additional selected modules.
The additional modules offered by Aruba Cloud Computing are:

Language Pack

The Language Pack allows you to use and provide the Plesk panel to your customers, in more than one language. When creating the license you need to indicate the number of languages that you wish to activate besides the one that is provided. Once the license has been installed in the Plesk panel it will be possible to select which language you wish to activate. It is possible to purchase up to a maximum of 5 additional languages in addition to the one that is provided.

Parallels PowerPack for Plesk

The PowerPack extends some functions of the Plesk panel: it provides an antivirus protection and  allows you to monitor and manage your Cloud Server from smartphones with iPhone, Android and BlackBerry platform. Furthermore it enables support for Java, ColdFusion, SQLserver and PostgreSQL technologies.

Parallels Web Presence Builder (in the two versions up to 100 or 1000 websites)

With the Web Presence Builder you can build professional websites in very little time. There is  content and templates already available and ready for publication. When setting up the license it is possible to choose whether to activate this module for 100 websites or for 1000 websites. The licenses for the Plesk panel, once created, cannot be changed. If you wish to add (or remove)  certain modules you can create a new license and replace it with that found in the Plesk panel. Once the replacement of the license in the Plesk panel has been completed it is possible to delete the old license no longer in use. We remind you that by deleting a license any associated additional module will also be removed.