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11.3.3 Creating/Deleting a rule

After going to the load balancer management section, to create/delete a rule that is connected to the load balancer  proceed as follows: in the technical details page of the load balancer go to the "Rules" section.

Adding a rule

  • Click on the "Create Rule" button,

  • a modal window will appear with a list of the rules related to the balancer,

  • to create a new rule select the algorithm, the protocol, the port of the load balancer and the port of the  machine (see guide The rules associated with a load balancer).

Deleting a rule

  • Click on the "Delete" button found to the right of the rules listed in the "Rule summary" page,

  • a modal window will appear requesting you to confirm the operation,

  • by clicking on the "Delete" button.
We remind you that it is not possible to delete all the rules: at least one rule needs to be associated with the load balancer. If there is only one rule and you try to delete it, a message like the following will appear.

Therefore when there is only one rule it can only be deleted if you first create a new one.