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11.3.6 Deleting a load balancer

After going to the load balancer management section, to delete a load balancer proceed as follows:
  1. in the technical details page of the load balancer click on the "DEACTIVATE" button if the load balancer is  active, otherwise follow the instructions from step 3,

  2. confirm the request,

  3. then proceed to click on the "DELETE" button

  4. and confirm the request.

Deleting a load balancer does not alter the configuration of the Cloud Servers/Dedicated Servers that are connected to it.

 ATTENTION: we remind you that deleting a load balancer is irreversible and involves the cancellation of the rules configured for that specific load balancer. The IP address assigned to the load balancer during the activation process will remain assigned to the user. The history and the statistics will no longer be available.