6.03 Backup methods Cloud Server Pro service guide

There are various methods of backing up data. Before listing them it is important to remember that, on Aruba Cloud Computing, each disk is activated on redundant storage synchronously. Therefore, there is no risk of losing data due to any technical failures. Storage however, does not allow files accidentally deleted by the customer to be recovered. If you want to backup we suggest the following procedures:
  • install a second/third/fourth hard disk in the Cloud Server, then use it as a backup unit;
  • create and configure a new Cloud Server Storage on another data center with an Openfiler template, or any Windows Cloud Server and use it as a backup Server (external and then to the private network);
  • export the hard disk to the FTP area available for your AWI-12345 account, to perform the download (once downloaded it is advisable to proceed with its deletion from the FTP area).
If you want to create a recovery point before making any changes or updates Aruba offers the customer the snapshot feature (remember that in this case, the backup is kept for 2 days).
We remind you that the Snapshot feature is provided exclusively for creating one restore point, we therefore advise you not to make improper use of data backups.