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6.07.1 Restoring an archived Cloud Server Cloud Server Pro service guide

To restore an archived Cloud Server proceed as follows:
  • go to the "CLOUD Computing" section

  • click on the "Archive" option found in the menu on the left

  • select the Cloud Server that you wish to restore and click on the relevant "Manage" button

  • then press the "RESTORE" button

  • configure the vCPU and RAM quantity
  • having done that press the "Restore Cloud Server" button

  • and confirm the operation by clicking the "OK" button

Once this process has been completed the Cloud Server will be restored and available in the "Manage" section. We remind you that a restored Cloud Server shows the "OFF" status.
Please note that if the Cloud Server had a network interface associated to a Public IP before it was archived, this will need to be associated again to the network interface from the Control Panel.