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2.5 Cloud Server "on\off" and "archived" Cloud Server Pro service guide

The main difference between Cloud Server Pro "off" and "archived" lies in the fact that when it is archived the service is suspended and at the same time all the costs of the corresponding resources are suspended, except for those relating to the disk space.
In the archiving stage, resources such as vCPU and RAM are released from the server and are therefore no longer reserved for the customer.
The network adapters of the Cloud Server Pro are released from the Public IPs which remain within the customer's resources but are no longer directly linked to the Cloud.
Please note that the Cloud Server Smart service has a monthly cost which is not related to the status of the Cloud Server (on / off / archived).
Even with the "Archived" status the hard disks of the Cloud Server Pro remain linked to the Cloud Server Pro and will still need to be paid for the entire period, until the Cloud Server Pro is reactivated or cancelled.

The process for switching off and archiving a Cloud Server is as follows :
  1. Go to the "CLOUD Computing" section,

  2. Click the "Manage" button for the Cloud Server you want to archive

  3. Switch it off with the "Switch off" button

  4. Archive it with the "Archive" button

By switching off the Cloud Server the allocated resources are in any case guaranteed and reserved for the user.