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2.2 Credit Use

  NOTICE: we remind you that, IF YOU HAVE ANY CREDIT BALANCE, ALL RESOURCES AND/OR SERVICES WILL BE RENEWED AUTOMATICALLY UPON EXPIRATION, regardless of the type of cost: whether calculated by hour, month or calendar month.
Therefore, IF YOU DO NOT INTEND TO RENEW A RESOURCE AND/OR SERVICE, YOU MUST CANCEL IT MANUALLY before the expiration date. If the service is not cancelled manually, it will be renewed.
In the case of resources and/or services with a cost by month and/or calendar month (therefore paid in advance), we advise cancelling just before the expiration date.
There are six pricing plans depending on the type of Aruba Cloud service you choose.
  • Hourly: this cost relates to all the resources (e.g.: vCPU, RAM, hard disks) calculated per hour (or part of an hour), and can therefore also be paid for just one hour of service.
  • Monthly: a cost that is paid in advance to cover 30 days use of the chosen resource. The resources that are calculated on a monthly basis are charged regardless of how they are used: the cost is paid in advance even if the resources are only used for one hour.

  • Calendar month: cost paid in advance which covers the period from the activation of the resource until the end of the month. These costs are not based on the number of hours of use. These costs are required by the license Companies.
    As a reference for the expiry date of the calendar month, the Paris-Berlin-Rome GMT +1 time zone is used.

  • One-off cost: costo che viene conteggiato in caso siano richiesti interventi tecnici.
  • Pay-per-use cost: this cost is charged only when the service is used (such as, for example, the SMS notification related to the load balancer).
  Aruba Cloud pricing plan
Service/Resource Hourly Per
30 days
Year One-off PPU
Cloud Server Pro            
Cloud Server Smart            
Virtual Switch            
Additional Public IP            
Additional FTP space            
MS SQL Server license*            
RDS license*            
Plesk license*            
∟ Plesk Extensions            
Load Balancer            
∟ SMS notifications            
Unified Storage            
Request Consultation            
Private Cloud            
Pay-per-use Backup            
Package Backup            
Pay-per-use Object Storage            
Object Storage - per package            
Monitoring Plans            
Monitoring Free Plan            
SMS Notification            
DNS Management            
Domain Name            
∟ Whois Privacy            
* The Licenses are associated with the template of the Cloud Server Pro/Smart

The Total Credit is deducted according to the resources allocated on all the data centers available regardless of their use.
In the "Dashboard" area you can see the summary of the total costs for the Cloud Servers and their respective allocated resources. The costs are divided on an hourly, monthly, and calendar monthly basis and the Total Credit is also shown:

The projection of the monthly cost for the Cloud Server in the example shown will be calculated as follows:
0.2040 Euro for the Hourly Rate
0.00 Euro for the Calendar Rate
442.20 Euro for the 30 day Monthly Rate
If the customer activated the service on the first day of the month in the following 30 days the total cost of his/her Cloud Server will be calculated as (0.2040 Euro x24 hrsx30 days) + 0.00 Euro + 442.20 Euro = 589.08 Euro / 30 days.

To see the costs relating to each individual Cloud Server you need to select it from the list in the "Manage" section. Once you have chosen the Cloud Server, a report can be generated of the costs divided by type of pricing e.g. hourly, monthly, calendar monthly or one-off cost (only when creating the Cloud Server):

The user can top-up the credit and/or reconfigure the amount of resources needed at any time.