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2.9 Minimum credit limit alert

The Aruba Cloud Computing service offers a useful tool for receiving free alerts (via email and SMS) when your credit reaches a certain limit.

To set the minimum limit proceed as follows:
  • go to the "Customer Area" at
  • log in using your Login and Password
  • after logging in click the "Alerts" tab

  • the following window will appear

    from which you can set the minimum credit limit above which you wish to be warned. The amount you select cannot be lower than 5,00 Euro. The alerts are sent to customers via email. You can also choose to receive alerts via text message by selecting the "Enable Sms Alert" option and entering your mobile phone number. The SMS alert service is free.
  • press the "Save" button to save your settings

  • a message will confirm if the operation was successful

We remind you that the "Minimum credit limit alert" service cannot be disabled.
 ATTENTION: Please remember to enable the delivery of messages sent from [email protected] especially if you provided a certified email as your email address.