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2.6 What happens when the credit runs out

When your credit runs out all your Cloud Server Pro are automatically switched off and it will no longer be possible to restart them without first topping up your credit with at least 1.00 Euro (not including VAT), or the amount required to reactivate the services.
At the same time all the services with a cost per hour will be suspended or cancelled (e.g.: Virtual Switches).

One week after your credit runs out, if you fail to top up, the Cloud Server Pro will be automatically archived and all the network resources will be disconnected from the Cloud Server Pro.

Ten days after archiving, if no top-up has been made, all the Cloud Server Pro and resources purchased by the customer will be cancelled.

If your credit runs out the resources with a monthly cost (e.g.: Cloud Server Smart, Load Balancer, Unified Storage, etc.), will be active for the period paid in advance, after which they will follow the same process as for the resources per hour.

The Licenses* related to the template of the Cloud Server Pro, even if paid for in advance, will follow the process for the Cloud Server Pro.
 N.B.: the cancellation process is irreversible and the data will no longer be available.

Resource suspension/deletion timeframe

Resources charged on an hourly / monthly / pay-per-use basis

Days after failure to renew 0/7 8/17 >17
Credit Status Sufficient Insufficient
Cloud Server Pro on off archived deleted
Cloud Server Smart on off deleted
Virtual Switch connected deactivated deleted
Additional Public IP connected deactivated deleted
Additional FTP space active deactivated deleted
MS SQL Server License* active deactivated deleted
RDS License* active deactivated deleted
Plesk License* active deactivated deleted
∟ Extensions active deactivated deleted
Load Balancer active deactivated deleted
∟ SMS Notification active deactivated
Unified Storage connected disconnected deleted
Private Cloud connected account disabled deleted
Pay-per-use Backup active account disabled deleted
Package Backup active account disabled deleted
Pay-per-use Object Storage active account disabled deleted
Object Storage - per package active account disabled deleted
Monitoring Plans active inactive deleted
Monitoring Free Plan active inactive deleted
SMS Notification active deactivated
DNS Management active deactivated deleted

Resources charged on an annual basis

Days after failure to renew 0/30 31/70 >70
Credit Status Sufficient Insufficient
Domain Name active deactivated
Deactivation Period
Redemption Period
∟ Whois Privacy active active active deleted


service available: the service is active and running;
service unavailable: at this stage it is possible to reactivate the service after topping up with sufficient credit;
service deleted: the service is permanently deleted;