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15.3 Edit a personal template Cloud Server Pro service guide

Hardware limits set when creating a Template cannot be altered.

Edit a personal template as follows:
  • go to the Control Panel;
  • select "COMPUTING" from the horizontal menu;
  • select the data center housing the personal template you want to edit;
  • select "Personal Templates" from the "TEMPLATES" area in the left menu;
  • this takes you to the "Personal Templates" area;
  • click on "MANAGE" next to the template you want to edit;
  • this will take you to the datasheet for the personal template showing the parameters configured when created;
  • select "Edit" under the name of the template;
  • an area will be displayed where you can edit the "Presentation" and "Login details", entered when the template was created;
  • once you have made the changes, save the template by pressing "SAVE CHANGES".