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15.1 What are Personal Templates? Cloud Server Pro service guide

The Aruba Cloud Computing service allows you to manage three types of Templates:

Preconfigured Templates

These are Templates designed by Aruba and available to Users during the creation process of Cloud Servers. They vary based on the Hypervisor that is selected and differ from one another in the Operating System and type of service for which the Cloud Server is used for (for example: Database Server, Web Server, Mail Server etc...).
It is possible to see the list of Templates in the provided "Template Datasheets".

These Templates are listed and available during the Cloud Server creation process; you need to select the "OS/Template" option, in "Preconfigured Templates".

Customised Templates (on FTP Space)

To create and manage this type of Template you need to follow the instructions found in the "Import and Export a Cloud Server" guide.

When creating a Cloud Server in order to use a Template on FTP space you need to select "Import from FTP".

Personal Templates (Premium Templates)

The Personal Templates are Templates which users can create from a Cloud Server that has already been configured. This function can be very useful if a user wishes to create one or more identical Cloud Servers. After creating a Personal Template it is possible to clone a server without having to replicate exactly all the settings each time, with just a few exceptions like the IP address.
The Personal Template that is created resides in a specific directory (/PersonalTemplate/) FTP space assigned to the Customer.
As the FTP space is associated to the activation Datacenter, it will only be possible to use the Personal Template on that Datacenter. Should you require the same Personal Template on multiple Datacenters you can follow the instructions indicated in the "Clone a Personal Template on multiple Datacenters".

These Templates are listed during the Cloud Server creation process in the "OS/Template" section, by clicking on "Select Template", in the "Personal Template" section.