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1.1 General description of the Private Cloud service

With the Private Cloud service you can buy a variable amount of computational resources (vCPU, RAM and HD), network resources (Virtual Lan, Firewall and Public IPs) and additional services (DRaaS and Cloud Bare Metal Backup) to use through the VMware vCloud Director web console, allowing you to create and manage Virtual data centers complete with fully-developed features such as perimeter Firewalls, Balancers and VPN concentrators.

The service is designed to deliver maximum performance: 10 Gbit/sec network, Server with high frequency and the latest processors, redundant Storage replicated in synchronous mode in a secondary data center are all unique features which are designed for the more demanding companies.

Aruba provides customers with computational resources which can then be used according to personal needs and in complete safety.

By using the VMware vCloud Director web console the resources can be managed, the Virtual Servers and the network can be created and managed, all through password protected login.
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