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10.1.1 Buy new public IPs Cloud Server Pro service guide

When a Cloud Server is created, it is provided with a public IP included in the cost.

You can buy as many public IPs as you need: you will only be charged for the number of Public IPs over and above the number of active Cloud Servers (e.g. with 5 active Cloud Servers and 6 public IPs, you will only be charged for one public IP).

If the number of IPs is less than or equal to the number of active Cloud Servers, no charges will be due.
When a Cloud Server is archived, the public IP assigned on creation will be disconnected and will start to incur a cost.

Public IPs can be purchased as follows:
  • go to the Control Panel;
  • select "COMPUTING" from the horizontal menu;
  • select the data center;
  • select "Public IPs" under "NETWORK" in the left-hand menu;
  • in "Public IPs" click on "CREATE PUBLIC IP";
  • the "New Public IP" pop-up will be displayed;
    • compatibility with the hypervisor can be selected as either:
      • Openstack
      • VMware / Hyper-V
    • decide either to:
      • get a randomly assigned IP address
      • select a free network from one on which you already have an IP
  • press "CONFIRM" to confirm;
  • at the end of the operation, the pop-up "New Public IP created" will be displayed, containing details for IPv4 and IPv6.
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