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10.1.1 Buy new public IPs Cloud Server Pro service guide

For every Cloud Server you create you get one Public IP included in the price. However you can buy all the public IPs you require: there will only be an additional cost for the Public IPs that exceed the number of active Cloud Servers (e.g. for 5 active Cloud Servers and 6 Public IPs you will only be charged the cost of one Public IP). If the number of IPs is less than or equal to the number of Cloud Servers, there will be no additional cost.
N.B. When a Cloud Server is archived the Public IP you associated, during the creation process, will no longer be associated to that Cloud Server and will be charged at the going rate.

To purchase Public IPs, proceed as follows:
  1. Access the control panel.
  2. Select the tab "CLOUD Computing" and click on "Public IPs" in the menu on the left (Fig.1)
  3. Click on "Add new Public IP" (Fig.2)
  4. A window will open showing the new Public IP and its configuration data: take note of the data displayed which will be used later when configuring the card (Fig.3)




To erase a public IP you have to disconnect the Cloud Server connected to it.
Public IP addresses are allocated on the basis of availability and cannot be chosen: if you want to maintain a specific Public IP, pay careful attention to the control panel, do not erase it because it cannot be reallocated.