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 ATTENTION: we remind you that these guides are no longer valid as the connection method to the Recovery Console is no longer supported. Please use the only valid user guide for the Recovery Console.
To install the Recovery Console you just need to access the page "Check Console" which is located in the menu on the left to the opening of Tab "Manage - Manage your services".

To be able to install the Recovery Console you just need to check that your client meets the requirements and you also need to install the software Aruba Cloud Computing Plug-in. At the moment the Software is compatible with:
  • Windows XP SP3
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows Seven
and the use of Internet Explorer is required.

If the client meets the necessary requirements, the green check icons in the section "Operating system and Browser" for the console check page will be presented. A yellow triangle indicates that the requirements have not been met.

 ATTENTION: we remind you that if you are using Internet Explorer 10 or 11 you need to select the compatibility with Internet Explorer 9 in order to use the Recovery Console correctly.
  1. Once the requirements have been checked and by clicking on the button "Install" in the section "Aruba Cloud Computing Plug-in" you can install the software made by for installing the Recovery Console.
  2. Then click on "Run" in the message that appears at the bottom of the Internet Explorer window to launch the installation.
  3. If a message appears on the Safety and Reliability of the software, confirm your intention to continue with the installation anyway first by clicking on "Actions"; after that click on "other options" in the new window and then confirm by clicking on "Run anyway".
  4. Select the language for the installation and then click on "Next" in the welcome window.
  5. Select the folder for the installation or continue by leaving the suggested position unchanged by clicking on "Next".
  6. When selecting the components leave the choice of all the components or remove the option "VMware Remote Console Plugin" if you just have Cloud Servers created with the HyperV Hypervisor.

  7. Then click on "Next" and then "Install", the installation of the "Forticlient SSL VPN Client" software will then start, and once completed click on "Close".
  8. At this point if selected the installation of the "VMware Remote Console plugin" software will begin, click on "Next", then "Next" again, then "Install" and last of all on "Finish".
  9. Then the RDPControl will be installed: proceed by selecting the language in which the software needs to be installed, then click on "Next", then accept the terms of the license contract, confirming by clicking on "Next" and last of all on "Install". At this point if the computer does not already include the ".NET Framework 3.5 SP1" software required to run the RDPControl you will be required to confirm its installation, once completed you can choose to reboot the computer or not, then click on "End".
The last step is to enter the following address in the Internet Explorer list of "Trusted Sites":