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13.5 Editing a Unified Storage Cloud Server Pro service guide

To edit a Unified Storage proceed as follows:
  • access the Control Panel by using your credentials,
  • click on the "CLOUD Computing" tab,

  • select the data center from which you wish to delete the service,

  • select the "Unified Storage" option found in the "Network" category of the left menu,

  • select the Unified Storage service that you wish to edit and click on the relevant "Manage" button.

Once you have accessed the details page of the Unified Storage you can edit its name and its storage capacity (with minimum increases of 100 GB). We remind you that it is not possible to downgrade the space of the Unified Storage service.

If you are editing a service with iSCSI protocol it is possible to add or delete the iQN codes. The provisioning for the activation or deletion of the iQN codes is performed manually by specialized technical operators. The activation requests are usually processed during office hours (Monday/Friday 09-13 / 14-18) within 24 hours of submitting the request.

Use the "Save Changes" or "Cancel" buttons to confirm or cancel the changes made.