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1.1.2 Time zone and use of Aruba Cloud services

Aruba Cloud services use the time zone of the Data Center that provides them. The Data Centers (and regions) with their respective time zones are shown in the table below.
Data Center 1 Region 2 Country GMT 3
IT1 R1-IT Italy +1
IT2 R2-IT Italy +1
IT3 R3-IT Italy +1
CZ1 R1-CZ Czech Republic +1
FR1 R1-FR France +1
DE1 R1-DE Germany +1
UK1 R1-UK United Kingdom 0
PL1 R1-PL Poland +1

1 The Data Center is a physical building constructed to host IT equipment and systems and the data managed within them.
2 "Region" refers to the geographical area which may coincide with a whole country and all Aruba Cloud Data Centers located there.
3 GMT - stands for Greenwich Mean Time, the international time zone of reference.