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2.2 Using credit with your Jelastic Cloud Account

The Jelastic Cloud service is calculated on 4 virtualized resources offered to the user:
  • Cloudlets - micro instances (128MB of RAM and 400MHz CPU) that can be used directly within the Jelastic platform
  • Environment - the environment that will host the application
  • Storage - the dedicated space expressed in GB
  • Public IP addresses
Users can choose between tariff plans to best suit their needs. There are two tariff plans:
  • Pay-per-use (fixed cost of the resources calculated at an hourly rate)
  • Price Plan (total cost for a volume of resources to be used within 30 days)
Tariff Plan Cloudlets per Environment Environment Storage Public IP addresses
Pay-per-use more than 100* - per GB Public IP address
Small 12 (9 Reserved + 3 Dynamic) 1 10 GB included 1
Medium 15 (11 Reserved + 4 Dynamic) up to 2 100 GB included 1
Large 21 (16 Reserved + 5 Dynamic) up to 3 150 GB included 1
*Dynamic and Reserved Cloudlets can be purchased directly on the Jelastic platform.

Your choice of tariff plan depends on how you use the Jelastic Cloud service. For concentrated use at specific times we recommend the pay-per-use plan, for frequent use we recommend one of our price plans.
The price plan can be changed at any time. Each Jelastic Cloud account created can be linked to a different tariff plan of your choice.
- As the cost of the price plan is paid in advance for the following 30 days, we recommend that you make any changes to price plans towards the end of the 30-day period to avoid losing the cost charged for the plan you are leaving. The cost of the service will change immediately on switching between price plans.
- If a Jelastic Cloud Account linked to a price plan is deleted the amount already charged for that particular price plan will be lost.