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2.4 What happens when the credit runs out?

When the credit runs out, all the user's pay-per-use Jelastic Cloud Accounts will be disabled (their status changes to SUSPENDED) and cannot be reactivated without a credit top-up of at least 1.00 EUR + VAT, or the total amount needed to reactivate the Jelastic Cloud Accounts.

If the customer runs out of credit, the Jelastic Cloud price plans will remain active until the natural expiry date of 30 days paid in advance, after which the status will change to SUSPENDED.

For both pay-per-use Jelastic Cloud Accounts and Jelastic Cloud Accounts with a price plan, if after seventeen days from deactivation a sufficient TOP-UP has not been made and the SUSPENDED Jelastic Cloud Accounts have not been REACTIVATED, the Accounts will be permanently DELETED and all data stored on the disk space for all the Jelastic Cloud Accounts will be lost.   

WARNING: the deletion procedure is irrevocable and data recovery will not be possible.