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1.2.5 MX Records

The MX Records, through a special syntax, make it possible to specify which are the Servers that manage the emails of the domain associated to the DNS management service. It is possible to enter multiple records by giving each one a priority value.

For the configuration of the MX Record you will need: Domain, Host, Priority.
Represents the domain to which the DNS is associated.
It can be left empty if the host (mail.domainname.ext) you are entering is a third-level host:
 .domainname.ext (Fig. 01)
This parameter is not required for third level hosts.
It needs to be indicated when the host ( you are entering is a fourth-level host:
us.domainname.ext (Fig. 02)
This parameter is required for fourth level hosts.
The host represents the address of the mail server and will therefore look like this:
mail.domainname.ext (Fig. 01)
if you indicate a third-level server in the domain you will need to enter: (Fig. 02)
This parameter is mandatory.
You need to select the priority to give to the record: the MX Records with lower value have priority over the MX Records with higher value.
This parameter is mandatory, if it’s not selected it will be set automatically on 0.