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1.2.2 NS Records

Every domain has with its relevant Authority (governing registration body of Domain Names), certain NS set as "Authoritative".

All the SOA, A, AAAA, MX, TXT domain Record parameters are saved on the authoritative NS which that domain has with its competent Authority.
It means that any request made to a host of the domain in question will be addressed to the machine that such NS, set as authoritative, indicates as the machine configured for such purpose.

With the DNS management service it is possible to enter multiple NS Records. During activation five NS Records are set automatically on:
These records can be changed or deleted at any time.

For the configuration of the NS Record you will need: Domain, Host, TTL.
The domain cannot be changed and coincides with the domain assigned during the activation of the DNS service.
The host of the NS Record looks like the following:
This parameter is mandatory.
The TTL (Time-To-Live) represents the time, calculated in seconds, that is given to the cache DNS to store information of a host before interrogating the authoritative DNS again; or rather it’s the time required to spread on the web a change made to the DNS. Therefore a whole number must be indicated, for example:
So you will have: 60 for 1 minute, 3600 for 1 hour, 86400 for 1 day, 604800 for 1 week, etc ...
This parameter is optional.