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1.2.1 SOA Records

The SOA Records (Start of Authority) return authoritative information on the DNS zone, including the main DNS server, the admin emails, the serial number of the domain (useful to know if the details of the zone have been changed) and various timers that regulate the transfer frequency and the validity of the records.

The DNS management service provides for only one SOA Record.

For the configuration of the SOA Record you will need: Domain, String, TTL.
The domain cannot be changed and coincides with the domain assigned during the activation of the DNS service.
The string of the SOA Record looks like the following: 0 28800 7200 604800 86400 0 28800 7200 604800 86400
domain class primary_server contact serial_number refresh retry expire minimum
domain domain of origin (NOT REQUESTED)
class addressing class, generally represented by the IN initials (Internet) (NOT REQUESTED)
primary_server prescribed name of the processor that acts as a primary DNS server for the domain
contact the email address of the person responsible for managing the service, by replacing the @ symbol with a dot
serial_number the serial number (whole, progressive, max 10 characters) for the secondary DNS servers that need to know when the details have been changed
refresh the interval in seconds between one verification and the next by a secondary DNS server to determine whether the details have been changed
retry the interval in seconds between one failed attempt to access the DNS server and the next
expire maximum duration of the details, expressed in seconds, when the secondary DNS server can no longer reach the primary DNS server
minimum the default period of validity, expressed in seconds, for the other resource records
The TTL (Time-To-Live) represents the time, calculated in seconds, that is given to the cache DNS to store information of a host before interrogating the authoritative DNS again; or rather it’s the time required to spread on the web a change made to the DNS. Therefore a whole number must be indicated, for example:
So you will have: 60 for 1 minute, 3600 for 1 hour, 86400 for 1 day, 604800 for 1 week, etc ...