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1.2.9 SPF Records

The SPF Record is made-up of SPF (Sender Policy Framework) data which, through a special syntax, allows you to indicate which are the hosts authorized to send emails for the domain.

For the configuration of the SPF Record you will need: Host, Text, TTL.
The Host can coincide with the domain and therefore be left empty:
or represent a lower level like this:
This parameter is optional.
This string is made-up by multiple parameters:
  • the SPF Record version used: v=spf1
  • the domain name of the account: if the account is [email protected] the domain would be domainname.ext
  • the all rules; it is possible to set three different options for the acceptance of mail by putting one of the following symbols before the all:
    • - (dash) accept only the mail sent by the indicated domain
    • ~ (tilde) do not accept the mail sent by the indicated domain
    • ? (question mark) indicate if there are multiple outgoing mail servers in the same domain
An example of a string could be:
v=spf1 domainname.ext -all
This parameter is mandatory.
The TTL (Time-To-Live) represents the time, calculated in seconds, that is given to the cache DNS to store information of a host before interrogating the authoritative DNS again; or rather it’s the time required to spread on the web a change made to the DNS. Therefore a whole number must be indicated, for example:
So you will have: 60 for 1 minute, 3600 for 1 hour, 86400 for 1 day, 604800 for 1 week, etc ...
This parameter is optional.