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1.2.8 SRV Records

The SRV Records are used to identify which is the server, port and type of protocol for using a specific service.

Usually this Record is associated to phone services (SIP - Service Initiation Protocol) and jabber messaging services (XMPP - Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol).

For the configuration of the SRV Record you will need: Host, Weight Port Target, Priority.
The Host represents the type of service and protocol used (TCP or UDP). It looks like this:
_typeofservice._ typeofprotocol.domainname.ext
an example could be:
This parameter is mandatory.
This string is made-up of three parameters.
Weight: represents the weight and corresponds to a value that is taken into consideration if there are SRV Records set with the same priority. A higher value indicates more priority.
Port: represents the port (TCP or UDP) used by the service.
Target: represents the domain name that provides the service.
An example could be:
5 80 www.domainservice.ext
This parameter is mandatory.
You need to select the priority to give to the record: the MX Records with lower value have priority over the MX Records with higher value.
This parameter is mandatory, if it’s not selected it will be set automatically on 0.